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How To Catch A Netflix Cheater - Phone Tap

Have you ever gotten a call from your bank about weird activity? Today we called Julio because there's been some weird stuff going on with his Netflix account. After we talked to him we knew what he'd done... It's another Phone Tap!

Natural Gas Problem - Phone Tap

Don't you just hate it when you move into a new place and NOTHING works?! It takes forever to get the electricity and gas running right. Today we called Emily because she's having a problem with her natural gas. We sent our to man-child employee fix the problem! It's another Phone Tap!

Miley Cyrus Is Facing A Huge Lawsuit

Miley Cyrus is getting sued, again. According to Complex, Flourgon, a Jamaican musician, is saying that Miley’s song “We Can’t Stop” was stolen from his song ‘We Run Things”. I don’t hear any similarities but you can hear for yourself. Miley Cyrus - We Can't Stop Miley Cyrus' official music video for 'We Can't Stop'.…