Shock Collar

Project Hungry - Shock Collar

I'm a little worried about this FBI investigation.. They decided to target potential spies based on one food item. Totally glad that they never went through with it! We find out what it is in today's Shock Collar! 

Billion Dollar Movie - Shock Collar

Star Wars and Avatar are still in the top 5 for biggest grossing movies but there's actually one movie that BEATS it all! Don't know what it is?! Then get shocked!! Let's see if Jose knows today's Shock Collar question of the day.

Risky Business - Shock Collar

Do you know what product was saved by the movie Risky Business?! If not then get shocked!! Today our intern got the Shock Collar and has to answer the most important question of her life!!

Highest Paid Actors - Shock Collar

I can't believe this guy made the top 5 highest paid actors list!! He hasn't even made a GOOD movie in forever! Don't know who it is.. then get shocked! Jubal is in the hot seat for today's Shock Collar! 

Emmy Recording Breaking Show - Shock Collar

Today we find out about the BEST Emmy TV show that's been on the air for nearly an eternity! If you don't know what show it is then you'll get shocked!! Let's see if Jose knows the answer to today's Shock Collar!

Most Stolen Items - Shock Collar

Do you know a commonly stolen items after a home invasion!? If not.. then get shocked!! Today Jose has to answer this question or else he gets shocked! It's another edition of the Shock Collar!