Second Date Update

Macho Man Habits - Second Date Update

Guys listen up! When you're on a date please don't do the same mistake this guy did! Or else you'll be calling us for help. We find out why Max isn't getting a call back in today's Second Date Update!

Summer Pants - Second Date Update

Today our good friend Summer called us because her date isn't calling her back. After talking to her date we find out why he isn't calling her back.. He has the dumbest excuse to not call her!! We find out why in today's Second Date Update! 

Swingin' Party - Second Date Update

Today Meredith called us because her date isn't calling her back! Her date came up with the weirdest excuse to leave out of nowhere!! So we called him to get to the bottom of it. It's another Second Date Update!

Morning Show Meltdown - Second Date Update

Today was probably the most interesting second date update we've had in a while. We find out that our morning show actually had a bad influence on  Joseph's date. Now we want to know what happened and if she'll go on another date. We find out in today's Second Date Update! 

Leaving The Date - Second Date Update

So today Carter called us because he needed help getting in touch with his date. Everything was fine during the date until out of nowhere she got up and left. Now we want to know if he did something or she's just crazy! We find out in today's Second Date Update!