Phone Tap

Afraid Of The Dark - Phone Tap

Do you ever feel that someone people are just way too old to be afraid of the dark? If you're like us then you're probably not going to like the new security guy Darvin.. He's pretty lousy for the job! Lets see how his boss takes it in this Phone Tap! 

Rancid Pastor - Phone Tap

Today we find out how a local pastor is spicing up his preaches! Some aren't going to like but who cares?! We find out what happened in today's Phone Tap! 

Drop It DOWN Low - Phone Tap

Nobody knows how to party more than the local senior center! This party that they hosted got so crazy that it got a little out of hand.. We find out what happened in today's Phone Tap!

Internship From Hell - Phone Tap

If you went to college then you know that most unpaid internships suck! Today we called Thomas because he's going to intern soon and it'll be a living hell for him.. I think he's going to drop out after finding out what he'll be doing!! It's another Phone Tap! 

Charlotte's Dark Web - Phone Tap

Amber is a waitress looking to set up a date with us and totally has the wrong idea about us! Today we called her to tell her how we bring the dark web to kid's books!! We find out how it ends in today's Phone Tap!