Phone Tap

How To Catch A Netflix Cheater - Phone Tap

Have you ever gotten a call from your bank about weird activity? Today we called Julio because there's been some weird stuff going on with his Netflix account. After we talked to him we knew what he'd done... It's another Phone Tap!

Natural Gas Problem - Phone Tap

Don't you just hate it when you move into a new place and NOTHING works?! It takes forever to get the electricity and gas running right. Today we called Emily because she's having a problem with her natural gas. We sent our to man-child employee fix the problem! It's another Phone Tap!

Stick This Up There - Phone Tap

Getting sick sucks because it just ruins your whole week! Today we let Kevin know that his rare sickness is going to affect his rear end.. Something tells me he's not going to like how he has to take his medicine. It's another Phone Tap!

BK Stickup - Phone Tap

Corporate corruption is a BIG problem when everyone is in on it! Today we find out how having it your way could land you in jail. It's another Phone Tap!

Half Off Checks - Phone Tap

We all know how it feels when you work a lot of hours and then your check still isn't enough! Today we called Justin because his checks are going to be cut in half.. It's another Phone Tap! 

White Walls For The Win - Phone Tap

I seriously don't know how Jubal gets away with these Phone Taps! Today we called Don because she's doing home renovations and she hired Jubal to do them. Something tells me she'll won't like them!