Phone Tap

Mile High Drunk - Phone Tap

Airports are one of the worst things everyone has to go through to travel. That's why people make it the least crappy way possible with some alcohol! Just don't get too drunk.. It's another Phone Tap!

Honey, You're Too Big - Phone Tap

The new year means a new YOU, but sometimes we just need a little push to get the ball rolling. Today we called Alisha because her boyfriend wants her to start rolling on the treadmill.. It's another Phone Tap! 

Hooked On Books - Phone Tap

With great knowledge comes great responsibility! Books are a powerful tool that can get someone ADDICTED.. You might think it's funny but addiction isn't a joke. It's another Phone Tap! 

15K Shopaholic - Phone Tap

Money makes the world go round and sometime we just need some spending cash. Whatever you do DON'T be like Casey and take out a 15K loan. It's another Phone Tap!