Phone Tap

The Gas Man - Phone Tap

Today we called Benji because there's a problem at the gym he works out at. What he doesn't know is that he's the problem of the gym and everyone is finally fed up. Let's see how he'll take it in today's Phone Tap! 

Get Your Nose Back On - Phone Tap

So today we called Grace to give her the opportunity of a lifetime! She was really excited up until she told us about a little problem she had.. We find out what it was in today's Phone Tap! 

Fast & Furious - Phone Tap

So today we called Alex because he's finally been caught!! Alex likes to smoke the devils lettuce while at work but we have a proposition for him. You'll WON'T believe what he's going to do! We find out in today's Phone Tap! 

Drill Manager - Phone Tap

So today David got a call from his new manager.. His new manager isn't too nice because you know.. he used to be a four star general in the Army!! I don't think this Phone Tap is going to end well!

Momzilla - Phone Tap

Weddings are precious to everyone involved, but I think this Mom has no idea what's happening. Today we called Cynthia to give her some bad news about her daughter's wedding.. Lets see what happens in today's Phone Tap! 

The Full Bronco - Phone Tap

If you're looking for an entertainer then look no further at Joe Nadtz. He definitely knows how to spice up a night! Hopefully Justin is okay with Joe for his son's birthday party! Lets see what happens in today's Phone Tap! 

The LONG Way - Phone Tap

Today Jubal called Hank because he shipped out his car out of state. I don't think Hank is going to like it when he finds out we took the long way. We'll see what happens in today's Phone Tap! 

Teeth Chat - Phone Tap

With the rise of the internet there's crazy new apps that go viral every week. But this new way of going to the dentist is taking it a little too far! I think Joann might've fell for it! It'll all make sense in today's Phone Tap! 

Spicy Seniors - Phone Tap

So today we called Adam to let him know some good news! His grandma is going to be a model for one of our websites, but there's a catch... I don't think Adam is going to be happy once we tell him EVERYTHING! We totally pranked him in today's Phone Tap!