Lazer Stories

SOS Drug Call - Lazer Stories

Don't you just hate it when you do a SOS call and then you get arrested! Yeah.. me too! Today we find out about the worst smugglers ever. It's another edition of Lazer Stories! 

Ugly Mugshots - Lazer Stories

A picture is worth a thousand words and this story is worth a lot more than that! We find out how an ugly mugshot can get people to turn themselves in. We find out how in today's Lazer Stories! 

Hungry For Crime - Lazer Stories

So today we find out how far will a Jimmy John's delivery guy will go to deliver a sandwhich! It's pretty crazy to see how far they'll go! We find out what happened in today's Lazer Stories! 

Dirty Harry Tactics - Lazer Stories

We all hate it when someone parks in front of our driveway but today some guy found the best way to prevent it! You know if we're talking about it then it didn't end well! We find out what happened in today's Lazer Stories

Words Of Death - Lazer Stories

Today we find out the worst sign ANYONE could get on their wedding day.. Thankfully no one was hurt when this bad sign left its mark. We find out what happened in today's Lazer Stories!