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FML... Funk My Life!! - Phone Tap

Today our friend Estaban called the local bar to get some exposure for his new album! I think the bar totally knew what kind of a star he was and understood... NOT! We find out what happens in today's Phone Tap!

Late Night Drives - Phone Tap

If you've ever had an owner call you to look at their old car then you have no idea!! This guy took creepy to a whole different level! I don't think this guy wants the old car owner anywhere near him!! We find out what happens in today's Phone Tap!

Don't Kill My Vibe - Second Date Update

Today is the perfect example of how a roommate can kill the mood when you have someone over. I'm pretty sure Alex knows why he isn't getting a call back from his date.. I guess he wants to play dumb! Let's see what happens in today's Second Date Update! 

The Gas Man - Phone Tap

Today we called Benji because there's a problem at the gym he works out at. What he doesn't know is that he's the problem of the gym and everyone is finally fed up. Let's see how he'll take it in today's Phone Tap!