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What's Up Wasabi - Loser Line

Today's Loser Line is full of loser's who can't let go of the past! We find out how following 90's trends will land you in this edition of the Loser Line! 

I'm Getting There - Phone Tap

Buttons the clown is in a rough patch and needs some extra cash. Today he calls a clinic so he could get paid for his services... He wasn't offering to clown, he's offering something FAR worse. It's another Phone Tap!

Bey YA! - Song Of The Week

Coachella just happened and it was a game changer for Queen B! She brought the fire and brought back Destiny's Child! Today Young Jeffrey sings everything Queen B related in this Song Of The Week. 

How To Stop Test Cheating - Shock Collar

Teachers have a lot of power when it comes to stopping students from cheating on tests. We find out how a whole country stopped cheating with a touch of a button. Let's see if Jubal knows the answer to today's Shock Collar question of the day!

Minecraft Maniac - Awkward Tuesday Phone Call

Video games can be an escape for people's reality! We find out how Frannie's boyfriend has embraced himself into the Minecraft world. Now she thinks he has an addiction that needs to be stopped. It's another edition of the Awkward Tuesday Phone Call! 

Sebastian Giles Wants A DJ - Phone Tap

When you're an entrepreneur and CEO you don't really have time to mess around. Today our millionaire friend Sebastian Giles calls DJ Scott to hire him for his wedding. Let's see if Scott is up for a snobby wedding. It's another Phone Tap!