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Death Metal Wedding Band - Phone Tap

Wedding day is probably the most happiest day of anyone's life.. So why not add some Death Metal to switch up the vibe?! We find out why this wedding band is great in today's Phone Tap! 

I Am Your Father!! - Second Date Update

Today we find out why it's a good thing to get advice from your premonition! They can tell you a lot about your past that you wouldn't have known!! We find out what happened in today's Second Date Update! 

Kitty Cat Mix Up - Phone Tap

Adopting a dog/cat is basically saving their life! Today we find out how this adoption story turned into a killer story!! We find out what happened in today's Phone Tap! 

Lincoln Log Trapped - Lazer Stories

If you've ever been on a HORRIBLE date then this story will make you feel better! It involves a little bit of poop and it ended with a go fund me page.. I know it's weird but it'll make sense in today's Lazer Stories! 

Band Aid Pick Up Lines - Missed Connections

Ladies, listen up! You probably hear pick up lines a lot but don't fall for it and actually use them to pick up guys! This is the WORST one I've heard!! We find out what happened in today's Missed Connections! 

Lie Detector Determined.. - Phone Tap

Lie detectors are easily the best way to find out the truth right?! Well.. today we called a car dealership and decided to have some fun! We find out what happened in today's Phone Tap! 

Casket Selfie Disaster - Lazer Stories

Today we find out why selfies are the cause of so many disasters!! It amazes me why people think it's a good idea to snap inappropriate pics! We find out what happened in today's Lazer Stories!